Top 10 Hashtag Tools

Top 10 Hashtag Tools

The volume of social media users who utilize hashtags has increased considerably over the last several years. In particular, businesses are using hashtags to encourage fans to participate and even create customized posts based on a given campaign. Social media sites, such as Facebook and Instagram, particularly encourage people to use hashtags when posting, so that related activities can be grouped together.

Tracking hashtags can help you find popular and related ones. They will display the evolution of hashtag popularity over time, but unfortunately, the best hashtag tracking tools aren’t entirely free when researching them. However, among the free tools that enable this functionality, you can find the perfect match for your specific needs and requirements.

Finding and tracking relevant hashtags can be challenging, and can incur costly software. Fortunately, there are no-cost tools to help accomplish this, and also to create an efficient new blog growth system.

If you're set on monitoring hashtags, check out some free trials of popular tools to see which ones are perfect for your needs. It's also beneficial to consider how many credits you included in each trial to decide if paying for a license is a smart idea.

Here's the list of top 10 Hashtag tool:

  1. Hashtag- Creatosaurus
  2. Tweetdeck
  3. Social Searcher
  4. All Hashtag
  5. Hashtagify
  6. Ritetag
  8. IQ Hashtag
  9. #Onemilliontweetmap

#Tags- Creatosaurus

#Tags provides you with the most appropriate hashtags to trend the blogs, posts, and pages. We’ll research and try to get you the most trending hashtags on Instagram.

#Tags provides you the suitable and proper hashtags as per the blogs, posts, and pages. The average number of likes is obtained on the content ranking in a hashtag's ‘top posts’ section.


Free as well as some price plan.


If you're a power Twitter user, you may already know that Twitter provides an instrument to make tweeting easier : TweetDeck permits you to run a number of accounts, in addition to keep track of multiple hashtags, conversations, and importantly, hashtags.

TweetDeck lets you run your Twitter-organized conversations in an area specially designed for this function. Using it will give you many advantages over, which is the native site for individual tweets and conversations.

TweetDeck helps you quickly track monitoring campaigns and hashtags, whether for a campaign you are running for yourself or for a customer. The tool will display and track multiple hashtag campaigns simultaneously.



Social Searcher

Social Searcher is a free search engine that allows you to create an unlimited number of social media profiles on all of social media. Use it to track both users and the contents of their Tweets, including hashtag mentions.

You can use this search engine to track all public messages on social media networks and the web. You may wish to define and track how individuals refer to your brand, product, firm, service, or domain name, and you can do so with a simple dashboard.



All Hashtag

Hashtag Entity's very first function was the measurement of hashtag mentions. It helps you analyze the top relevant hashtags for your content and marketing and saves you time by generating the hashtags for you.

It is a completely free tool. All you need to do is enter a keyword and All Hashtag generates a list of relevant hashtags.

This option generates top, random, or live hashtags and shows you the best ones you need. This is the original tool that generates hashtags that reflect your brand.

Hashtag Creator allows you to make custom hashtags.

Hashtag Analysis analyzes a hashtag and gives you basic analytical information about it for your marketing strategy.




With Hashtagify, you can search live data and insights about any Twitter hashtag, its popularity rank, related hashtags, trends, and a lot more. See how much exposure your tweets have received by analyzing a hashtag and following a specific user to get in-depth and real-time details. Hashtagify can discover the trends that are important to you, including hashtags on any messenger with relevant content and influencers whom you should have in your network.

These platforms can neatly display data and other important metrics in readable graphs and charts. They help you track growth, review performance, and build custom reports.


Free 7-day trial with paid plans starting at $29/mo.


RiteTag is a service that interprets hashtags in real time so you can see how they relate to your tweet. Signing up with your Twitter account will help you to evaluate the hashtags that have been contained in some of your tweets in the recent past.

It is not uncommon for RiteTag to remain a thrifty investment for one's business or organization, particularly when you consider its capacity to send you automatic notification of the newest trending hashtags.

The addition of a subject and the option that they're related activates RiteTag to send an alert if there are new popular hashtags associated with the chosen subject. It also groups hashtags into sets and enables you to review their metrics including reach, retweets, and impressions.


Free 7-day trial with paid plans starting at $65/mo. is the go-to resource for anyone who wishes to search for trending hashtags. It's particularly useful for those who are curious about trending hashtags in different genres, including business, entertainment, and technology.

With, you can educate yourself on the best practices associated with hashtags and how to use hashtags in your posts to really stand out.



IQ Hashtag

IQHashtags is an Instagram hashtag tracker which allows one to more fully grasp the relevance of hashtags. It tracks relevant hashtag variants, such as #carsofinstagram, and provides more insight with regard to those terms.

For example, a search for the term cars will return #carsofinstagram, #carswithoutlimits, and #carlife. Additionally, the service is very useful for finding hashtag information.

The hashtag search results on our platform show the number of posts that feature a hashtag, the number of likes, the number of comments, how many times that hashtag was used for a bio, and the last date of a post under this hashtag.


Free plan with paid plans starting at $5/mo.


#Onemilliontweetmap takes a rather different look at how hashtag tracking is conducted. It tracks the usage of hashtags geographically. You can specify any hashtag you like and check to see where it's trending now.  Influencer, for example, is currently mostpopular in the United States, South Africa, Germany, Mexico, and Austria.

You can set a sensible period of time for filtering, as well as chauffeured search choices. You can also choose to set up a search, sustaining particular hashtag usage over time.

#Onemilliontweetmap also provides the option to have a hashtag battle where you can see the performance of two hashtags around the world.


Free is one of the more sophisticated tools to shell out time for making a record. Comes with 8 features dedicated to helping you learn about as much as possible about the hashtags you're enthusiastic about, and also discovered more.

They include the capacity of following a stream of push notifications on the hashtags (a free service), access to a dashboard, as well as each other. supplies tons of information on customer engagement on its tracking platform. You can also use its platform to examine lingo trends, demographic data, and who's central to your campaigns by gathering engagement analysis, buzzwords, and geo-data, among others.

There is a free trial available on's basic plan, and all plans offer more features and prices that are customizable.


Free 14-day trial with paid plans starting at $60/mo.

In conclusion, using hashtags is a great way to connect with others on social media, increase brand awareness, and track campaign success. By using the top10hashtag websites, you can make the most of this powerful tool. Be sure to experiment with different hashtags and see which ones work best for you and your brand.


  1. How can you keep track of hashtag performance?

In this article, we have explored several ways you can use to track hashtag performance. Hashtag tracking tools help you locate popular, relevant hashtags. They display the trends in hashtag usage across the past. The best tools are capable of charging you money, but there are free hashtag tools that may work for your needs. If you want to conduct research on just a few hashtags one time, you can use a service that costs money.

2.  Does the hashtag increase follower engagement?

The primary advantage of using hashtags is to boost your post's exposure. If you make an eye-catching, exciting post on Instagram about a certain topic, for instance, and don't use them, your followers (unless Instagram places it in people's Explore pages) will not be exposed to your post. If you use some suitable popular hashtags, however, then you can take advantage of the fact that more of your followers will be able to view your post.

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