The 9 Most Useful Twitter Tools for Marketing & Business in 2022

These top most industry-used Twitter tools for business and marketing will help you to grow your Twitter and get a large number audience engagement in 2022

The 9 Most Useful Twitter Tools for Marketing & Business in 2022

Just in case you were considering improving your Twitter strategy. You've come to the correct spot; Twitter tools will enable you to manage and gain thousands of followers on your account.

Well, there are 1000+ Twitter tools available on the internet, but not every single twitter tool will be helpful for you. We have come up with the best and most useful Twitter tool for marketing in 2022 to gain Twitter potential followers and level up your marketing skill with it.

What are Twitter Tools?

Why do we need Twitter tools?

9 Most Useful Twitter Tools for 2022


What are Twitter Tools?

Driving tweets and browsing home feeds will not help you expand your Twitter account. Even if you believe that simply using only Twitter options and features would get you adequate exposure. NO, it is not possible.

You will require a few third-party applications known as Twitter Tools to assist you to expand, analysing, and investigating your Twitter account and finding solutions for you.

Twitter Tools are very easy to use although it depends upon you, how far you take it and utilize those twitter tools to get more about your followers and Twitter account

Why do we need Twitter tools?

Twitter is one of the most growing social media platforms. Twitter recorded 229 Million daily active users on its platform. Which is quite a big number.

It becomes difficult for decent size Twitter accounts to analyse Twitter strategy by just using Twitter by default tools better we should take the help of 3rd party plugins and software. Which makes our work easier and feasible.

Twitter Tools may help you understand more about your followers, as well as how and what content to produce, by analyzing the trend.

It is our responsibility as brand managers to study, create, and implement Twitter strategies in order to achieve our goals. And that’s one of the critical reasons to use Twitter Tools.

The best part is we are including the top freemium Twitter Tool. We guarantee you will see good results once you use it.

9 Most Useful Twitter Tools for 2022

1. Twitter Analytics: Twitter tool for analytics

Every problem could be identified and resolved if it is perfectly diagnosed and analysed in a proper manner. The same applies to Twitter, if you wish to grow your Twitter account you should definitely be using Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics will show you the proper audience engagement analysis, what kind of users are seeking your profile, and whether your content is appealing to what audience you are targeting. Twitter Analytics shows you the analysis of every single tweet you made and helps you to understand it.

Every Twitter Account has free access to the Twitter Analytics dashboard, from which you can view the impressions and engagements your tweets receive at different periods of the day and week.

This tool can assist you in better understanding your Twitter account's audience engagement. So, if you want to place sponsored advertisements for your account, you will have extremely clear metrics.

2. Cache: Twitter tool for management

Cache is a very powerful social media scheduling tool, through which you can schedule your tweet at your flexible time. Well, as content creators we all know while posting how important it is to post at right time.

The right time will give you the right visibility to your content available on social media.

Although Twitter now offers a direct scheduling option, I recommend checking out Cache, which provides you with some additional scheduling features and an absolute good interface to enhance your experience.

3. Hashtag Manager

While posting content on Twitter, hashtags are the major concerned part. You can't disregard hashtags research when it comes to effective tweets and audience engagement on your Twitter account.

Creatosaurus Hashtag Manager will help you to understand every single hashtag's potential. You can always checkout Twitter trending hashtags according to your specific location.

Hashtags Manager allows you to stack and save your frequently used hashtags, so you are never left behind.

Simply create a group and save your Twitter hashtags in it. So next time you need those hashtags, you just have to open ceratosaurs and click on that created particular group.

4. Captionator

Captionator is a fantastic tool for rewriting your content with beautiful phrases and generating ideas with a single click.

Captionator is an AI-powered writing tool that assists creators in improving their content writing and creating fantastic captions, which is always useful when you are active on social media.

You only need to write the caption—or anything that comes to mind—and then copy it. Go to Captionator's lift side to produce copy there.

Choose the type of copy you want, enter your written content into the product description field, and then click "Generate Copy".

The machine will then automatically create some excellent captions for you that are sure to get a lot of interest.

5. Muse: Twitter tool for creation

Including photos in your tweets is a good idea. Posts featuring photos have been shown to have an 18% greater click-through rate than those without.

Adding visuals to your tweet just elevates it beyond all other standard tweets. When you include photos or videos in your content, it significantly helps with engagement.

As a result, I advise every creator to include a graphic in their tweet. I do this by using Muse, which makes it simple and quick for creators to produce any sort of graphics or edit pictures.

Muse has hundreds of gorgeous templates, many of which are specifically dedicated to social media and can help you lift your Twitter skills.

The greatest thing is that this application is online and free, so you don't have to bother about having any large editing app on your phone.

6. Owlead

Owlead's core offering is focused on Twitter audience development, assisting you in "easily getting actual Twitter followers."

Owlead finds the most valuable accounts that correspond to your target audience by classifying, filtering, and discovering them.

This also guarantees that you're gaining real Twitter users who could actually benefit from your product or service, rather than merely increasing your follower count. Today every big account is using Owlead to manage their Twitter account.

Owlead also allows you to monitor the daily growth of your audience and offers analytical data to help you better understand your audience, including their demographics and interests.

The site offers a free 10-day trial, with monthly options beginning at $19.

7. Keyhole

Keyhole generates data for your owned accounts with a simple click, allowing you to examine how they compare to your competition. Keyhole also provides real-time sentiment and data analysis, allowing you to see patterns and themes as they develop.

A keyhole is obviously useful for saving time. In the traditional method, we would gather data from each social account or influencer independently, which would take a long time.  

Everyone has their own method of managing this information. It becomes a huge mess, while with the keyhole, everything is easily accessible.

8. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo can help you determine which content works best for a given topic and who shares it. BuzzSumo also allows you to analyse what content is most effective for your rivals.

Stay ahead of the competition by making your content more relevant to any given topic.

Millions of marketers rely on BuzzSumo to disclose the truth about which content succeeds and which fails to make an impression.

They use it for content marketing and SEO campaigns. The BuzzSumo platform is comprised of four major components: discovery, research, influencers, and monitoring.

9. Audiense

Audiense is a social marketing platform that provides extensive, actionable intelligence as well as marketing tools for engaging audiences based on what they say, who they are, and how they think.

This enables marketers to understand their customers in unprecedented depth, find critical market possibilities, and intelligently engage audiences.

Audiense can be downloaded for free from Hootsuite App Directory.


After reading this article you have known the all-time best 6 tools for your Twitter account.

These tools are very necessary if you want to grow your Twitter account. These all tools are tried and tested, it works perfectly well if you use them to their full potential.

If you think these tools are crazy enough to lift your Twitter follower count, make sure to let us know on Creatosaurus.