Complete business guidance on Twitter Advanced Search in 2022

Twitter Advanced Search will help you to leverage the business and grow your Twitter account. This feature allows you to improve the relevance of your search.

Complete business guidance on Twitter Advanced Search in 2022

In the last few years working in business has seen a lot of changes. Handling Social media for brands is not easy as it use to be, one should know every single feature and use that platform to its full potential.

Twitter is one of the most growing social media platforms. Twitter recorded 229 Million daily active users on its platform.

This is a huge chunk of the audience if you look from a business perspective. Many businesses and organizations use Twitter, whether it is for branding or to interact with their potential audience.

We'll look at the differences between Twitter search and Twitter Advanced Search as well as some best practices that businesses can use to better understand Twitter Advanced Search and how it may help them understand their consumers and develop their company.

What is Twitter Advanced Search?

Twitter Search Vs Twitter Advance Search

Understand Twitter Advanced Search

Guide To Twitter Advanced Search


To put it simply, it is a search for any specified term or phrase that can be searched on Twitter connected to any given time and location. Twitter Advanced Search allows users to look for any tweet from any time

The more precise and detailed information users enter, the more accurate the response Twitter provides to an individual.

The Twitter Advanced search tool is performing its job and answering your requests as expected.

For Example, I have to search for a tweet from Barack Obama tweeting about the LGBTQ community in 2022. Well, it will be hectic to look at all his tweets. Therefore we will use Twitter Advanced Search.

When you use Twitter Search to look up a hashtag or phrase related to a certain event. And you receive results on that same hashtag from all Twitter accounts, and your search is worldwide.

That's great, but if you need more ideas, just do a Twitter search and you'll get plenty to look into.

However, if you want to know whether the tweet was sent by that specific Twitter account on a given subject

You can’t just roam all around his/her tweets and look for it. Twitter Advanced Search option is used there instead of using just Twitter Search.

To access it, go to Twitter Advanced Search or, after searching click the three dots to the right of the search box and choose Advanced search.

You might be surprised by how many options are available on the first page that opens.

For example, you can search Twitter for particular words or phrases, look for tweets to or from a particular user, or filter Tweets by engagement.

To utilise Twitter Search more successfully, you need to become familiar with a few Advanced Search options. So, before you jump right into Advanced Search, have a look at this.

Once you search anything on Twitter search, after your 1st result you will see the 3 dots on the search bar’s right side. Click on it and you will locate the Advanced Search Option.

Click on it and you’ll see Advanced Search options on your Screen.

Let's begin with the basics for eaeveryield.


All of these words

To discover Tweets that contain those keywords in any sequence, enter one or more words. You can also put one or more sentences here by placing quote marks at the beginning and end of each phrase (e.g., "Sunday" and "Funday").

This exact phrase

There is only enough for one term in this box, and unlike other search fields, it automatically puts quotation marks around your phrase. You may use this field to look for statements or whole names.

Any of these words

When the search query is executed, a "OR" is used to separate each word or phrase you provide in quote marks.

For instance, if you're looking for mentions of your business on Twitter, you may use this option to look for Tweets that include both your company name and website in addition to your Twitter handle.

Simply put apple #apple @apple and Twitter Search will automatically convert it into apple OR #apple OR @apple

None of these words

This section is powerful but simple to ignore. Any term or phrase you enter here will filter out Tweets that contain that term or phrase from your results.

To filter out Tweets that contain a competitor's name or a marketing hashtag, try utilising this field. and, you might clear up any misunderstanding (perhaps you looking for"burgers" but not from "McDonalds").

This is a fantastic approach to filtering out distractions and paying attention to what matters most.

These Hashtags

Use this field to focus on hashtags. Remember that you may also search hashtags from other fields.

Any Language

The most effective way to exclude tweets from a certain language is to use a filter.


From these accounts

Access Tweets sent by particular accounts. Simply insert their names in this field.

To these accounts

Find Tweets in response to a certain account. Just provide the username for one or more accounts, as appropriate.

Mentioning these accounts

Find Tweets in response to a certain account. Just provide the username for one or more accounts, as appropriate.


You may decide whether you want to view replies or Tweets containing links by using the Filters section of Twitter's advanced search. Replies and links can be turned on and off. All up to you.


There are instances when you need to discover Tweets that have received a minimum amount of responses, likes, or Retweets. These outcomes can assist you in connecting with influential people in your field or in engaging in high-impact conversations.

Minimum Replies

This option restricts your search to Tweets that have received the specified minimum number of responses. It's fantastic for discovering Tweets that become viral or freshly established Twitter accounts so you can engage with them.

Minimum Likes

Set the minimum amount of likes a tweet has to have to show up in your results using this field. Tweets with more likes often provide their target consumers with content of better quality.

Minimum Retweets

Enter the minimum amount of Retweets you want the Tweets in your search results to have. Retweeted tweets receive a lot of coverage in their particular domain.


Searching for Tweets before, after, or between two dates is quite simple with the help of this tool.

If you want to view Tweets that were sent before a given date, leave the From box empty, and if you want to see Tweets that were sent after a certain date, leave the To field empty.

1. Competitors' Speculation

Handling the brand image over social media is tough work, you have to be creative all the time and spectate your competitors. Are they following the trend or is it you who got late to post the tweet over any particular topic?

It becomes tough to check all these accounts with every single tweet. Twitter Advanced Search will help you do all this easily and quickly.

Go to Twitter Advanced Search and fill the WORD form with the correct hashtags, words or phrases etc. And below the ACCOUNT section put the username of the account you are looking for, you can also specify the time below in the DATE section.

Hit the Search right at the top and you will get the expected result you were looking for.
That’s how you can keep track and monitor your competitor's Twitter account.

2. Find the old tweet

If you are doing research for an article on a certain topic or issue. Tweets enable you to demonstrate several points simultaneously. Finding an old tweet that we aren't even sure exists or not, however, becomes challenging.

By using the DATE section of Twitter Advanced Search, you may locate historical tweets of the person for whom you are seeking.

Therefore, if you ever wonder how news stories and blogs show your five-year-old tweet, you won't be as surprised this time since you now know that everyone uses Twitter Advance Search. You could learn more about Twitter Advance Search from Twitter.

3. Solve Customer Issues

Any consumer of your business searches for assistance and tweets, but sometimes brands fail to respond to them even when they provide your company's Twitter account. Since there are so many tweets, it's probable that you'll miss one from a crucial customer.

Twitter Advanced Search could help you to locate such kinds of tweets if you put words, or phrases like “help” or “product issues” under the search system.

Solving customer issues is first priority of any business and such tools always help to cover all problems.

Due to this, it is common to see people attempt to tweet their problems on Twitter, even if they are very minor. Since every tweet gets visible to the company and that is why they reply to such tweets.

4. Find what's happing around you.

Use geolocation filters to find tweets in any nation or locality.

You'll be able to filter out tweets from distant locations. If you own a small local business, this is crucial since you may target leads in your neighbourhood.

Simply include "near: (city/country)" and "within: (X mi)". to search for tweets worldwide from any place.

The 'near:' prefix isolates the precise location from which you wish to see tweets. You may choose how close or how far away from that area you wish to see tweets using the 'within:' addition.

The 'near:' filter basically generates a radius around the city, county, or other location you choose.

For instance, you might want to know what locals are tweeting and thinking about food if you run a restaurant in that town.

Simply use the keyword  (like ‘restaurant’) and add ‘near:(your location) within:(X mi). I advise using the latest so you can search and see the most recent tweet. You may do this to locate all the tweets about it, and you might find prospective clients, some suggestions, or positive reviews.

Try it; you never know what you could discover.

5. The right use of Hashtags and Engagement

One of the best methods to boost the organic reach of your tweets is by using hashtags.

However, if you participate in the correct topic, rather than simply publishing a tweet with the appropriate hashtag, you may generate dialogues about your business.

It may even enable you to engage in talks with rival businesses and attract the interest of your intended market.

With the help of the Engagement tag in Twitter Advanced Search, you can even decide the range of tweet reach for the search. So by using it you will get exactly what you required.

Whatever you searched on Twitter with the help of its Advance Search tool, you can now simply save that for later. It makes your work way easier for the next time.

Just after completing Twitter Advanced Search and found the result relevant and you think to save that search for later.

Select Save search by clicking the three dots next to your search field. Simply click on the toolbar search field, which also displays recent searches, to retrieve stored search queries later.

7. Collaboration with Influencers

Using every option of Twitter Advanced Search will open up a lot of opportunities you never knew. Collaboration with an influencer can help your brand gain awareness.

You can identify influencers on Twitter by using the Advanced Search option, which allows you to search for certain brand keywords or hashtags as well as the engagement levels you want to see, such as the minimum amount of retweets, replies, or likes.

You may also use the Twitter search operator for the location to focus your search on the results page to a specified area.

Assume you are a painting artist wishing to connect with another digital painting artist residing in Paris. All you have to search on Twitter is “#digitalpainting near:Paris within:10mi min_retweets:20”


One of the most well-liked and often used social networking sites is Twitter. Users visit there to read the news, find out what's popular, get ideas for new marketing tactics, and much more.

And to leverage your Twitter marketing strategy, Twitter Advanced Search will help you a lot, this blog guides you in using Advanced Search for business and making things easy by using Twitter search.

Let us know how is your experience with Twitter Advanced Search on Creatosaurus