Basics to Advanced Twitter Analytics Complete Guide for 2022

Learn Twitter Analytics to grow your Twitter Business Account. Twitter Insights are crucial to understanding your Twitter followers. Top 5 Twitter Analytical Tools to handle social media.

Source: Twitter Button
Source: Twitter Button

Every research or any problem can be solved only using data and the proper analysis.

And therefore this equation is applied to enhance our social media presence and grow sales and business. Your all social media strategy will lag behind if you don't analyse it in the correct way.

But don't worry, we are here to support you and turn you into a Twitter superstar. You will learn how to comprehend Twitter Analytics from this blog and how to use a few Analytics strategies to expand your account reach with Top Twitter Analytics Tools.

What is Twitter Analytics?

Why Twitter Analytics are Important?

Twitter Insights Parameters you can monitor?

How to use Twitter Analytics

Top 5 Twitter Analytics Tools for 2022


What is Twitter Analytics?

Analyze your Tweet data to understand your followers. Every word, photo, video, and follower can have an impact.  -Twitter

Twitter Analytics is a statistics dashboard that monitors your account's activity. It can provide information that helps direct your social media strategy, such as who your most devoted followers are and when to tweet.

Why Twitter Analytics are Important?

Whenever we approach any problem to solve it we believe in data, so that we could find out the best possible solution by analysing it with the help of the correct data.

Well, to grow our Twitter account we use various methods it is definitely not limited to tweeting and writing a good Twitter bio. Creating the right strategy and taking follow-up by checking its result for your Twitter account can be done using Twitter Analytics.

You can create the right campaigns to grow your Twitter account only by analysing your previous social media strategy and gathering those Twitter insights, which can be easily seen by using Twitter Analytics.

You would undoubtedly agree with me if you work as a social media marketer that social media is filled with chaos. When I say Chaos in social media means to have a systemic audience response for ad campaigns and on our Twitter Account.

To get out of this Chaos and have a clear pathway, Twitter Analytics will help you in segregation and understanding your audience's behaviour. Because of this, it makes your campaigns super effective.

You can't move forward without analysis, whether it be of a campaign's comments or hashtags, and Twitter Analytics makes it feasible to analyse everything.

Twitter Insights Parameters you can monitor?

Before using Twitter Analytics, one needs to have a fundamental understanding of a few variables. Knowing them is crucial to doing analysis correctly and obtaining accurate results.

Therefore we have covered top to bottom, most important key parameter metrics that you can find in the Twitter Analytics Dashboard are listed below.


The total number of times a user may have viewed a brand's name or message.


The number of users that viewed your post's impression on their timeline.


Interaction between two Twitter users. This can include mentions, Retweets, likes, and new followers.

Engagement Rate

Metrics called engagement rates to show how actively engaged your audience is with your content. Through "likes," "comments," and social sharing, engaged customers engage with companies.

The engagement rate is a measure that is frequently used to assess the effectiveness of brand efforts. People that connect with videos, updates, and blogs are more likely to become paying clients. Subset assessments of engagement rates, such as "sharing metrics," illustrate the influence of your word-of-mouth marketing.

The total amount of times a link in a Tweet was clicked.


The total number of times a Twitter user has mentioned you in a tweet while communicating to or about you.

Response Rate

The per cent of incoming messages that you react to because they are important.

Response Time

The total time you took to respond to the incoming messages.

How to use Twitter Analytics

So, far we have seen the significance of Twitter Analytics. Let us quickly see how to use Twitter Analytics and get access to its dashboard.

Native Twitter Analytics

Thankfully, Twitter gives you the resources you need in the form of native Twitter analytics to monitor the performance data for your Twitter profile. You only need to follow these easy instructions to obtain native Twitter statistics.

1. Log into your Twitter account

2. Click on ‘More’

3. Click On Analytics

You are now able to keep track of your Twitter profile's performance data.

Top 5 Twitter Analytics Tools for 2022

The reason to utilise these Twitter analytics is that they will have a few more added features and a better interface to make your experience even better. These are the top Twitter Analytics to use in 2022 so far.


Hootsuite Twitter Analytics tool is one of the most popular analytical tools used by many marketers. In fact, this tool is not only limited to Twitter but you can connect your other social media accounts and work on them collaboratively.

Hootsuite will give you a comprehensive overview of your performance across all social networks from one location to establish performance goals and track advancements over time.

The information and numbers that are most important to your company may be easily distilled, distributed, and digested thanks to Hootsuite's customisable reports.

Why Hootsuite is better

  • Collaboration of all social media networks in one place
  • Detailed analysis report
  • Impact on your spending to get good ROI


Sproutsocial has a separate tool for Twitter analytics. With Sprout's Twitter analytics tools and endless, presentation-ready reports, you can analyse your Twitter activity and receive insightful terms, hashtags, and demographic information.

Why you should Sign up for Sproutsocial

  • You will be able to view your best content
  • Understand your twitter behaviour
  • Log in to multiple Twitter profiles
  • Unlimited presentation-ready reports

SproutSocial allows users to do social media analytics across several social media networks. It aids in the development of successful social media methods to boost brand involvement and conversion levels.


Hashtagify is a simple yet effective Twitter analytics tool that provides insights into hashtags for your social media initiatives. It aids in the determination and identification of hashtags relevant to your campaign or content, as well as the popularity indications for each hashtag.

Hashtagify's primary features are as follows:

  • Discover the most popular hashtags and trends.
  • Learn about the popularity of hashtags.
  • Determine which countries are trending with your hashtag.
  • Languages used in combination with your hashtag

Hashtagify provides you with analytics tools to assess and uncover trends and hashtags that will increase the engagement of your social media campaign. It also allows you to keep track of your audience and the influencers that are active in your content.


Keyhole helps people and businesses track hashtags in order to track their interactions in real-time. The engagement data change immediately, and real-time reports are produced.

Users can: use Keyhole's Twitter analytics:

  • Get real-time data and engagement stats.
  • Forecast hashtag performance in the future
  • To increase engagement, find hot subjects and relevant hashtags.

You may adapt your content to the user's choices with Keyhole. It provides benchmarks to help you determine the best time to release your content for the most amount of interaction. The analytical reports aid in enhancing strategies for increasing engagement for a brand's social media campaign.


When it comes to learning what content connects with their audience, both companies and individuals may benefit greatly from using TrackMyHashtag, a fantastic Twitter analytics tool. This tool keeps an eye on relevant hashtags and conversations to increase interaction.

With the use of real-time hashtag tracking offered by TrackMyHashtag, users can:

  • Instantaneous hashtag metrics
  • Find the most interesting videos, hashtags, and URLs
  • Real-time geographic insights
  • Examine the social media strategies of their rivals.
  • Find influencers to help you advertise your brand.

Any publicly accessible Twitter account's real-time hashtag tracking provides immediate interaction numbers. The ability to swiftly improvise strategies aids the social media strategy. By combining all the characteristics, you may make choices that significantly raise the effectiveness of your campaign as a whole.


Write excellent tweets to implement your approach, but the analysis is a crucial step to obtaining the desired feedback and outcomes. You may better comprehend and plan your new campaign with the aid of this outcome report.

Twitter analytics are essential for this. This blog will undoubtedly assist you in optimising your Twitter account. It will absolutely work for you if you use the right procedures and tools, comprehend your report, and take the appropriate action. Let us know your Twitter Analytical experience Creatosurus.