5 quick tips for getting started with Creatosaurus

5 quick tips for getting started with Creatosaurus

Hey, Creatosaurus is the best platform for creatives who want to improve their projects with powerful tools like a pro graphic design editor, stunning AI content generator, social media post scheduler and a lot more in one place.

Its seamless collaboration with team members makes Creatosaurus the best option for any marketing professional or small business owner looking to impact today's digital landscape.

Let’s see how to use Creatosaurus in 5 easy steps. We also have a little surprise for you at the end of the blog.

For getting started with Creatosaurus for free, here are five quick tips:

  1. Let’s create a free Creatosaurus account
  2. Generate tons of  AI Content with Captionator
  3. Design a Creative Graphic with Muse
  4. Link 1 Social Media & Schedule a Post with Cache
  5. Add team members to collaborate in your workspace

These steps help you in how to use Creatosaurus

1. Let’s create a free Creatosaurus account

Creatosaurus is your free creative outlet! Get started right away and discover a world of limitless opportunities to realize your ideas without breaking the bank.

Together, let's turn your imagination into reality without spending a dime!

Step 1 - It is free to start then Click the link https://www.Creatosaurus.io/login  and click on continue with google and log in on our website.

Step 2 - You have to fill required information which helps you in creating content after clicking on the next button.

Step 3 - Now, click on the done button.

Step 4- Now you are successfully logged into our Creatosaurus.

2. Generate AI Content with Captionator

Creatosaurus has its own AI content writer which helps you generate Facebook Ads, write blogs, social media captions, and more. If it's free for you guys then what you are waiting for follow the below steps and use them.

How to use ai content

Step 1 - You have to click on generate ai content with captioner.

Step 2 - You must write according to your wants in these filter boxes. There are copy types, product names, and product descriptions then you can generate a kind of blog or product description for your products for free using Creatosaurus.

Step 3 - Now, after you file the information like this you can see you get your kind of information for free. You can save the information on this website.

3. Design a Creative Graphic with Muse

Design a creative graphic with Muse for free in Creatosaurus according to your wants or there are a lot of filters which you can use for free and make effective content using Creatosaurus.

Step 1 - Back to the creator studio and click Design a Creative Graphic with Muse.

Step 2 - Here a lot of filters are available for free to use like canvas.

Step 3- you can take any templates from Creatosaurus. Edit them with yourself and your needs and you can add photos as well.

Step 4 - When you complete your design with the help of tools then you have to export and save it on your pc.

4. Link 1 Social Media & Schedule a Post with Cache

Social media connects us with others, allowing us to share and stay informed. Scheduling posts with Cache helps maintain a consistent presence and keep followers engaged for free with Creatsarous.

Step 1 - Back to the creator studio and click on social media & schedule a post with Cache.

Step 2 - To connect your Instagram or Facebook account for scheduling, or more  Click on the continue button.

Step 3 - Connect your account with Creatosaurus with your username or password.

Step 4 - Click to connect for scheduling posts, ads or more.

Step 5 - Now you are successfully connected to the account. Then click on the save button

Step 6 - Now, you can schedule according to your needs.

Step 7- Now, after scheduling your post time you can see the queue section and re-edit this post as well.

Through this, you successfully create your schedule post.

5. Add team members to collaborate in your workspace

You can also add team members to collaborate in your workspace for free in Creatosarus. Thousand of creator and marketer uses the workspace in their organization to collaborate with their team.

Let's see how to use

Step 1 - Back to the creator studio and click on  “Add team members to collaborate in your workspace”

Step 2 - Now you can add your members with the Invite button.

Step 3 - Here you have to write your member's email id which you wanna connect with them in the workspace.

Step 4 - Now, an invitation is sent to your member Email id. They need to accept.

Step 5 -  Then, accept the invitation from your member inbox.

Step 6- Once the status will show accepted then  Go to the member section then you can see how many members you added for free.

These are some quick tips for getting started with Creatosaurus for free. By following these tips, you can effectively utilise Creatosaurus to improve your content creation and marketing efforts.

By following these steps you will have successfully upgraded to our creator plan for free. You can use the creator plan for free for 3 months.

"Get the help you need with Creatosaurus' comprehensive Help Center, or dive into our blogs for even more tips and tricks!"

Creativity is essential for achieving success and standing out in today's digital world. Creatosaurus gives users free access to a variety of tools and features that can help them unleash their creativity.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is Creatosaurus free to use?

Yes, Creatosaurus is a free platform that offers a suite of marketing tools for creating and sharing content online.

2. Does Creatosaurs have a premium paid plan?

Yes, we also have premium plans which unlock various opportunities for marketers and creators.

3. How you can connect with us?

You can connect with us at our Help Centre & through social media as well or contact us.